Why Join

Why Join

Who am I helping as a Gold Shield Member?  

The Veterans—The men and women who have served this country by fighting overseas often return home with a specter over their shoulders… PTSD drives 22 Veterans of war to commit suicide on a daily basis.

Cancer Victims—Those who suffer terribly at the hands of an illness which has been with us for far too long. The research into methods of ending cancer’s impact on the world for good is progressing, but not fast enough. It needs a bigger boost and Gold Shield Members provide that.

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Gold Shield runs radio advertising featuring some of the largest stations and personalities in the country. letting people know how Gold Shield Members are doing good for the Veterans and for Cancer Research. Please, Click here to listen to some examples of our advertising.

Gold Shield Members,


If you’ve pulled up this part of our site, it means you are looking for the founding basis for our efforts.

A comprehensive listing of our gold shield merchant members is being compiled as we speak and it will be user friendly in order to acknowledge and highlight the merchants that have stepped up in this time of need.

If you’ve noticed, our logo has a simple drawing of a soldier. that soldier is carrying a sick child on his shoulders…for us, that child represents all cancers and that soldier, once again, was there for us all …. this time they are there for each other.

Gold Shield is dedicated to finding the solutions to these most important issues. They should be addressed before all others. Accelerating the efforts to take the word cancer from our every other breath and stopping our veterans from taking their own lives…

It Can Be Done!

We assure you that we will find the answers and solutions to ending the two most wanting issues of our time.

If you believe… as we do, that these two devastating challenges beg our every effort: Veterans who went out for you and me, only to come home in a darkness that leads to taking their own lives; and Cancer, which is only being slowly attacked; and does not have the support necessary to match its importance.

If you believe… then shop where you see the Gold Shield. Those Merchant Members are on the front line and through your support they are all “chipping in.”

whether you’re a consumer or a merchant, please know that you will be seeing and hearing the words Gold Shield for as long as it takes to reach our goals. And that’s The Simple Truth.

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Here’s how it works:

Gold Shield runs a National Marketing Campaign.

When customers shop at your business, the Gold Shield lets them know their money is going towards helping others, at no extra cost to them!

Your contributions as a merchant are what drive these customers to shop at your store, knowing you are operating as a benefit to people in dire need of assistance, every day!!

Your membership fee can be deducted as an advertising expense, and your donations can be written off just like any charitable donation to a 501©3 nonprofit!

So, you and your accountant can sleep well knowing that you provide for our most worthy of causes and save lives while running your business.  Together we will change the world for the better.

Upon your purchase of a Gold Shield membership, you will receive the Gold Shield decals, advertising, and a host of marketing materials. 

Let’s do this for those who came home but are still at war, and for the ones who suffer needlessly with Cancer.

It’s up to you and me, and this… is The Simple Truth.

Register your interest to become a Gold Shield Member, or learn more about Gold Shield, below:

A Matter of Honor

AMOH Mission is to improve the lives
of those affected by PTSD and Veteran Suicide

Reining Liberty Ranch provides veterans
with specialized therapy programs
to help Veterans re-adjust to life after war

Dryhootch provides outreach programs and
social events to Veterans, giving our men
and women in need a community to thrive in.

Gold Shield Funding for Cancer Research

The Gold Shield Campaign is funding a variety of Cancer Research and Treatment programs with the goal to eliminate cancer once and for all. The word cancer has been on our lips for far too long and it’s time we put an end to it.

The Gold Shield Campaign is active in NY, NJ, and DE.  Sign up today to be part of The Gold Shield Campaign!

If you are not in one of our registered states, we will be registered soon. Contact us now to start the sign up process.