What can you do?

Gold Shield costs us nothing and gives them everything… Shop where you see the Gold Shield.

Gold Shield is an organization of businesses, both large and small, that have pledged to put an end to the disgrace that is Veteran suicide, and to accelerate research into various cancers.

When you shop Gold Shield, you’ll be making a direct impact on our Veterans and their families as well as those who suffer from cancer.

You can ensure that every Veteran and Cancer victim will be cared for in their darkest hour.

We bury our loved ones every day, and we can’t wait any longer, so please shop Gold Shield; by The Simple Truth, which supports cutting-edge treatment for Veteran suicide prevention and accelerating Cancer Research.

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Cancer Research

People are left helpless and suffering at the hands of a deadly, yet treatable, illness. It takes lives before they have a chance to be truly lived… There is an end in sight though. We need to #StopTheBurying.

The more we accelerate Cancer Research the sooner we get to the solutions and cures that we need so badly… this must be a top priority!

Why should I be a Gold Shield member?

The Gold Shield Campaign will be advertising nationally in order to drive sales at Gold Shield stores across the country.  In this way, Our Veterans, those with cancer, and Gold Shield Member Businesses will profit.

People in need and Gold Shield Members will all be better for it.

A Matter of Honor

AMOH Mission is to improve the lives
of those affected by PTSD and Veteran Suicide

Reining Liberty Ranch provides veterans
with specialized therapy programs
to help Veterans re-adjust to life after war

Dryhootch provides outreach programs and
social events to Veterans, giving our men
and women in need a community to thrive in.

Gold Shield Funding for Cancer Research

The Gold Shield Campaign is funding a variety of Cancer Research and Treatment programs with the goal to eliminate cancer once and for all. The word cancer has been on our lips for far too long and it’s time we put an end to it.

The Gold Shield Campaign is currently active in NY, NJ, and DE.