What is the Gold Shield?

Gold Shield costs us nothing and gives them everything. . .Shop where you see the Gold Shield.

Gold Shield is an organization of businesses, both large and small, that have pledged to put an end to the disgrace that is Veteran suicide, and to accelerate research into various cancers that are also killing our Veterans at outrageous rates.

When you shop Gold Shield, you’ll be making a direct impact on the lives of our Veterans and their families. You can help ensure that every Veteran will receive the help they deserve.

We bury our loved ones unnecessarily every day, and we can’t continue to do so. Please shop Gold Shield; by The Simple Truth, which supports cutting-edge treatment for Veteran PTSD, suicide prevention, and cancer research and treatment.

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Why Should I Be a Gold Shield Member?

The Gold Shield Campaign advertises nationally for our Gold Shield member businesses; recognizing them as supporters of our Veterans. The advertising campaign raises awareness of Veterans needs, and increases sales for our members.

Veterans in need and Gold Shield Members will all benefit.

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